Our History

Monte da Penha is a family property made up of 122 hectares, of which 22 are vineyard. Located near Portalegre, the capital of North Alentejo, it was bought by

Francisco Fino and his wife Verónica in 1984.

This family has been involved in the production of high-quality wines since the beginning of the xx century when Joaquim da Cruz Baptista founded the wine "Tapada do Chaves". The success achieved by Joaquim da Cruz Baptista inspired his only daughter, Gertrudes Baptista Fino, to continue his legacy in a passionate way, taking this project even further and becoming well-known for her dedication to the wine business.

In 1984, Francisco Fino, son of Gertrudes Baptista Fino and her companion in the wine business, decides to plant 12 hectares of vineyard on his own property. These vines contributed to the making of the red and white wine “Tapada do Chaves”. With the sale of “Tapada do Chaves” in 1998, Francisco Fino decides to start a new family project: “Monte da Penha”.